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Epoxy Master Flooring is Edmonton’s Premier Epoxy Garage Flooring company with over 250+ finished epoxy garage floors!


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Epoxy Garage Floor Installation

Enhance Your Garage with Professional Epoxy Flooring

Discover the ultimate solution for your garage with our Epoxy Garage Floor Installation services. Our high-quality epoxy coatings not only provide a resilient and sleek surface that withstands daily wear and tear but also elevate the aesthetics of your space. Perfect for residential and commercial garages, our epoxy floors are designed to handle heavy traffic, resist stains, and are easy to clean, ensuring your garage is both functional and stylish.

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Why Choose Epoxy Garage Floor Installation?

Are you frustrated with the current state of your garage floor? Our Epoxy Garage Floor Installation service, part of our Residential Epoxy Services) is designed to address common issues and enhance your space efficiently.

Durability and Longevity

Epoxy flooring is exceptionally durable and resistant to impacts, chemicals, stains, and surface abrasion. Forget about cracks, stains, and wear from heavy use; epoxy handles it all.

Easy Maintenance

The seamless surface of epoxy flooring makes it incredibly easy to clean. Oil spills, dust, and dirt can be wiped away effortlessly, maintaining a pristine garage environment.

Enhanced Safety

Our epoxy floors increase safety by offering a slip-resistant surface. This is especially beneficial in a garage where spills of oil or water can pose a hazard.

Aesthetic Improvement

Transform your garage from a dull, utilitarian space to a bright, inviting area. With a variety of colors and finishes available, epoxy flooring can complement any home design.

Increased Property Value

Not only does epoxy flooring improve the look and functionality of your garage, but it also adds value to your property, making it an excellent investment for home improvement.

Epoxy Master transformed our home's garage into a showroom-quality space with their epoxy garage floor installation. The finish is not only beautiful but incredibly tough. Best investment we've made!

The professionalism and attention to detail from Epoxy Master's team during our garage epoxy floor installation were second to none. We are thrilled with the results and the durability of the flooring

After Epoxy Master installed our new epoxy garage floor, the impact was immediate. It's so much easier to clean and maintain, and it looks fantastic. Highly recommend their services!

Our Epoxy Garage Floor Installation Process

Each step of our installation process is meticulously handled to ensure superior quality and durability.

Floor Assessment and Preparation

We begin by thoroughly assessing your garage floor and preparing the surface, which includes cleaning and repairing any cracks or damage to ensure a flawless application.

Priming and Base Coat Application

A primer is applied to enhance the adhesion of the epoxy, followed by the application of a base coat that forms the foundation of your durable new floor.

Decorative Flakes and Top Coat Application

Optional decorative flakes can be added for a custom look, followed by a top coat that seals the floor, providing a glossy, hard-wearing finish.

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